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• Solder Paste:
Lead Free Solder Paste, Leaded Solder Paste, No-Clean, Water-Soluble, RMA, RA
• Wire Solder:
Lead Free Wire Solder, Leaded Wire Solder, Solid Core Solder, No-Clean, Water-Soluble, RMA, RA Wire Solders,
• Bar Solder:
Leaded Bar Solder, Lead Free Bar Solder, Sn100e Bar Solder, Alloys
• Solder Powder:
Pure Spherical Low-Oxide Solder Powder
• Lead Free Alloys:
• Leaded Alloys:
• Physical Property Alloy Comparison:

• Soldering Flux:
VOC Free Flux, Halogen 0 Flux, No-Clean, Water-Soluble, RA, RMA, Flux For Lead Free and Leaded Chemistries
• Manufacturing Aids:
Peelable Solder Mask, Solder Iron Tip Tinner, Flux Filled Rework Applicators, Flux Removal Cleaners, Wave Solder Oil 2020
• Dross Reducing Agents:
For Solder Dross Recovery, Solder Dross Removal use Super Deox it won't deposit on your PC board assemblies like competitor brands! Recover up to 80% of your solder and save

• BGA Spheres:
Solder Spheres for PBGA, CBGA, TBGA
• Paste Flux:
No Clean Paste Flux, Water Soluble, RMA, RA, Resin, Rosin Paste Flux for Leaded + Lead Free Assembly

• Low Temp. Lead Free Soldering:
Qualitek has developed low temp. lead free soldering kits for heat sensitive assemblies. Kits include: solder paste, cored wire solder, flux pen, paste flux and tip tinner.
Qualitek manufactures soldering materials for the European market in Europe and the U.S.A.

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