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Qualitek International, Inc. was established in 1980 and has since become a recognizable name as a qualified manufacturer of soldering materials for the electronics assembly industry.  Delta® Brand and Qualitek® Brand products are known in the industry for their high quality performance.  Qualitek has expanded our manufacturing facilities worldwide to provide immediate availability of our products and technical support to meet the needs of our customers.  Today, Qualitek International continues to be a major international supplier of  Delta Solder Paste, soldering chemicals and advanced soldering products.  We pledge to continue providing customers with the highest level of quality, technology and service for several years to come.

Quality Assured Products - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
To assure a consistent level of quality, inspection of incoming raw materials, in-process monitoring and final testing of the finished products are carried out according to ISO standards. All the appropriate testing is performed accurately and precisely using state-of-the-art instruments to ensure product consistency.

"Our goal is simple: "To Be A Major Supplier & Workd-Class Producer of Soldering Materials"

Product Performance
Qualitek's application laboratory is now equipped with full line SMT assembling equipment and wave soldering machines. We welcome our customers to evaluate product perfornamce at our facility. We will assist through the entire testing process. We also welcome the challenge to evaluate against any competition. Ultimately our customers must be satisfied and confident in the product performance. For customers who need prototype builds, Qualitek's application laboratory can provide this type of service with no hassle. Our philosophy is to assist and support our customers in any application.

Qualitek has developed superior solder powder technology, which is virtually oxide-free. Qualitek solder powder is produced through an in-line system using our advanced technology. Delta solder paste manufacturing technology also consistently delivers high quality solder paste. Qualitek's products not only meet or exceed applicable industry standards, IPC, J-STD's, ASTM, but also excel in performance against competition.

Research & Development
Qualitek is proven, proactive manufacturer of innovative soldering products. At Qualitek, our development is "Customer Driven" so we focus on developing the products you require. We even perform testing using the actual assembly equipment to assure the desired results.

Technical Support & Services
Qualitek's product management group provides technical assistance on the products being used, recommending products for specific applications and solving customer problems. product specialists are available to visit customers to assist in optimizing assembling process and to provide trouble shooting assistance as needed.

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